Shalini Gandhi

Frontend Developer

Know more about me

My name is Shalini Gandhi. I am currently working in FAASOS, an Indian "food on demand" company, as a Frontend Developer. I am working on technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, CSS Preprocessors (SASS, SCSS, LESS), Accelarated Mobile Pages (AMP), Block Element Modifier (BEM), Javascript, Angular, Git. So basically, I translate designs to front-end code, estimate time and costs, and determine developer requirements and specifications. I create code that is easily readable, maintainable, scalable and responsive.

  • Objective

  • To gain confidence and fame using my potential in the field of 'Frontend Development', and express my innovative creative skills for self and company growth.
  • Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • CSS Preprocessors (SASS, SCSS, LESS)
  • AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • BEM - Block Element Modifier
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • Git
  • Applications

  • Sublime Text 3
  • Photoshop
  • Terminal
  • Chrome Developer Tools
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